Elio collection fondo 1

Fondo Elio Collection is a universal water-based masonry coating consisting of finely ground resins and siliceous sand.

Its uniformity allows applying easily the decorative finishes of the Elio Collection line distributing them without causing interference and flattening.

After application, the bottom and the finish mesh in a synergetic way, thus developing a single compact and tenaciously anchored film on the base, even on previously painted surfaces with other paints.

Color White
Where to use Interior
Capacity 10 kg, 2,5 kg
Dry Time 3 hours
Recoat Minimum: 6 hours - Maximum: It is advisable within 48 hours to optimize the anchoring with the Elio Collection finish.
Coverage 7,2 m2/Kg
Dilution Water 10%

Application System: