Aurora Boreale

17b ElioCollection Aurora Boreale 25kg
  • Ready To Use

Aurora Boreale is a decorative water-based finish that offers a silvery effect, thanks to the metallic pigments dispersed in its formulation. creating precious and refined interiors.
The final color and the shades of the finish interact with the light present in the environment, creating a pleasant ‘light and dark’ effect (chiaroscuro).

Aurora Boreale, with its metallic effect and simplicity of application, values the applicator’s creativity and imagination, transforming surfaces into perfect environments for any type of decor.

Color 120 available tints
Where to use Interior
Capacity 2,5 kg
Dry Time 3-4 hours
Recoat 3-4 hours
Coverage 6 m2/Kg
Dilution Ready to use

Application System: